From left to right: Nico de Milliano, Stijn Belt and Maarten Stikkelorum


I am 56 years old and grew up in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, the Netherlands. I have lived in Nijmegen since my study period. I studied English Literature and Linguistics and Dutch Law.
In my professional career I have held executive, policy-making and management functions in a number of municipalities. Today, I am working at the municipality of Arnhem. As HR strategist I am engaged in the development of people and the organisation.
I have ample experience as chairman of complaints and objections committees in the areas of mental health care, housing associations and municipalities.

I have become familiar with the Stichting Ushersyndroom through a good friend who has been closely involved from the very first hour. She asked me if I want to commit myself to this and I do this with pleasure. I also want to express my social involvement by bringing in my experience and qualities for this excellent cause.


I became involved in the foundation through my wife who suffers from Usher Syndrome. As partner I see and experience the limitations that this disease brings along for my wife and our family every day again.

At this moment, I am working at the Dutch Heart Foundation, where I am responsible for the finances and business operations. Additionally, I am a member of the Finances Committee of the sector association Goede Doelen Nederland [Good Causes Netherlands] and I am in the Fund-raising Organisations working group of the Dutch Accounting Standards Board. With all this experience and knowledge I can support the foundation in its fight against this disease as a member of the Advisory Board.


Stichting Ushersyndroom has an Advisory Board in conformity with its articles of association. This board consists of three persons and all three are personally involved with someone suffering from Usher Syndrome. The Advisory Board advises the Board of the foundation when asked and when not asked. Every member effectively makes use of his or her personal and business networks when needed in order to achieve the objectives of the foundation. Like the members of the Board, the members of the Advisory Board are not paid for their work for the foundation.


Stijn Belt, involved in the foundation from the very beginning and closely familiar with Usher Syndrome . As a member of the Advisory Board I like to make a contribution in the form of knowledge and experience in the areas of project management and fund raising.

‘Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter.’ Martin Luther King