Yellow the world

Dario Sorgato, founder of NoisyVision, brought the #YellowTheWorld campaign to its climax.

In the documentary Sorgato explains his motivation, preparations and finishing of his adventure. His sensory impairments have influence on his daily life, but they do not prevent him from living his life to the full.

With English subtitling.


At first sight people cannot see that Hedda de Roo (24) has an impairment. However, nothing is further from the truth. Her impairment becomes visible as soon as dusk falls.

Unfortunately, this film is only available in Dutch.

Tomorrow everything can be dark

Franka (27) suffers from Usher Syndrome. She is deaf and has limited eyesight. She went to a boarding school when she was 14 years old. She only saw her family in the weekends and during the holidays. Thus the contact with her parents, brother and sister slowly decreased. Now Franka is living alone and she does packaging work at a sheltered workshop.

Morgen kan het donker zijn’ (Tomorrow everything can be dark) shows her daily life. Her impairments make her life really complicated. She does not readily reconcile herself to the situation, even though her stubbornness does not make things easier. She tells her story with the help of a signer. Franka will not be trifled with and this comes to a climax during a talk with her parents at home.

Production: Cinta Forger, Walther Grotenhuis. This documentary had its première at the Dutch Film Festival and was broadcast on television in 2011 and 2014.

Unfortunately, this film is only available in Dutch.