There is no treatment for Usher Syndrome (yet). By means of adjustments, rehabilitation and good support, people suffering from Usher Syndrome manage to lead reasonably valuable and independent lives. There are many (innovative) aids and the development of smartphones, e-readers and the digital era we live in offers many (new) possibilities for people with a hearing or visual impairment. Think of all the apps that can help you to communicate, that can help you to find your way while travelling or that can provide you the information you require much easier and faster.


Not hearing well often makes it difficult to come into contact with other people. You do not always understand the other and this makes you insecure. If a room is poorly lit, you cannot read the lips or see the signs of the other person. Still there are very many (innovative) solutions and aids that can make communication easier. There are communication techniques, useful apps and we give tips and tricks.


As your hearing and eyesight further deteriorate, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain information from your surroundings. To hear warning sounds gives you a lot of information. Seeing signage, outstretched hand and being able to read price tags and package inserts also provide the necessary information. The less you hear and see, the more difficult it is to get this information from your environment.
Thanks to the development of the smartphone and many useful apps, a lot of information is accessible again. We give a list of useful apps, tips and tricks and solutions with the help of (innovative) aids.


When a child is born hard of hearing or deaf, a correct diagnosis and early intervention of hearing rehabilitation are of major importance. A child that is born deaf or hard of hearing will, if necessary with the support of sign language, learn the spoken language and fully develop this.
The ability to hear and understand makes it possible to, with the help of hearing aids, obtain information through audiobooks, voice support from the computer and the use of VoiceOver through the mobile phone, when the eyesight deteriorates. Besides, studies have shown that a good hearing rehabilitation leads to more self-confidence, a positive self-image and more social-emotional skills.

Even then there are many possibilities in communication for obtaining information and support in mobility.


There will be a phase in your life that travelling independently becomes more and more complicated. You plan fewer visits in the evenings because you can hardly see in the dark. This can sometimes make you feel scared and insecure. Still there are very many (innovative) solutions and useful apps available to help you. Apart from this, there are also transport solutions especially for people with a visual impairment. With a lot of practising, the appropriate aids and support from the home front travelling independently remains very well possible. We give tips and tricks.


There is no treatment yet that can stop or slow down the deterioration of both hearing and eyesight. There are, however, really hopeful developments. Apart from sharing knowledge and information, the Usher Syndrome Foundation also wants to stimulate scientific research. Do you want to know more about us and the research projects that we want to stimulate? Please visit the campaign website.