USHIE, our mascot with black sunglasses and headset, is hot! USHIE is the symbol of all people who cannot hear and see well because of Usher Syndrome. The mascot was launched while developing the infographics for a campaign held one year ago. Now we see USHIE more and more often. USHIE is genderless, cool and lively!

New campaign
Stichting Ushersyndroom started the campaign ‘What would you choose, being deaf or being blind?’ which confronted a lot of people with the dilemmas associated with this choice. What if there is nothing to choose because you suffer from Usher Syndrome? In order to make Usher Syndrome more visible in our follow-up campaign, we needed a visual image clearly indicating that there was something wrong with eyes and ears. When designing the infographics, USHIE came into being as a mascot. The nice thing is that many people involved started to use this image in sponsor activities and presentations.

For promotional purposes gifs have been developed in which USHIE comes to life. We see a gratefully winking USHIE in a moving animation inviting the viewer to love us, ‘have a crush on us’. In the second animation we see USHIE with sunglasses and a headset crush or explode into an USHIE with hearing ears and seeing eyes. The dream of all Usher Syndrome patients.

USHIE sleutelhangers

USHIE is cool!
In de zomer van 2018 liet een initiatief LoveUsh de mascotte laseren op houten sleutelhangers. Mensen vonden In the summer of 2018, the initiative LoveUsh had the mascot laser on wooden key tags. People found USHIE cool! Also people suffering from Usher Syndrome could identify themselves with USHIE. Through social media the question rose what name was to be given to the mascot. USHIE, adopted from the former crocheted zebrafish for Stichting Ushersyndroom, scored best.
Apart from key tags, LoveUsh now also sells rompers with the image of USHIE. Besides, during the 5th anniversary edition of Run4Usher new t-shirts were printed in large numbers with USHIE on the front and the back of the shirts. Usher Syndrome Foundation is now also busy designing hoodies with USHIE and have these printed.