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Being a child of…. (6) ‘Gallstones’

This Sunday morning goings-on are followed by several examinations. According to my sister, I am already very busy, so she makes all the appointments and accompanies mum to these appointments. Afterwards, she also keeps us informed about the examinations.
I do want to tell her how she has to handle things exactly with mum: write down all the appointments on the calendar with a big black felt-tip pen. When visiting a physician, repeat things when necessary and go through the visit again at home. ‘Take enough time to go to an appointment. She gets confused when she has to hurry!’
Clearly explain the medicines and write down on paper (with black felt-tip pen) when she has to take which medicine.
Sister: Yes, yes, I do know how to handle things. Okay, I say and then I really have hand things over to her.
Still, I sometimes check with mum whether …