• Big challenges in research on Usher

    The dream of people with Usher syndrome is that researchers will find in time a treatment to stop the process of becoming deaf and blind. Usher syndrome can’t just be solved with 1 research or breakthrough. #stopUSH



  • What about those zebrafishes?

    Zebrafishes are cool. People with Usher syndrome are cool. This is what you’ve always wanted to know about zebrafishes and people with Usher syndrome.

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Into daily life with an artificial organ of balance

A major subsidy, making available a treatment for patients suffering from imbalance problems in a shorter time
Source: Maastricht UMC+
The introduction of the artificial organ of balance has come one step nearer closer again, thanks to a subsidy of over € 700,000 from ZonMw, Health Holland and the Heinsius Houbolt Foundation. With this financial impulse scientists of the Maastricht UMC+ will implant an artificial version of this minuscule organ into eight patients suffering from serious imbalance problems. This is the first time that the daily life with an artificial organ of balance will be simulated in a test environment. The objective is to sooner make the treatment available to patients.

Micro-CT-scan of the human inner ear; yellow: individual nerves; blue: bone and membrane structures (Copyright: Maastricht …

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