• Big challenges in research on Usher

    The dream of people with Usher syndrome is that researchers will find in time a treatment to stop the process of becoming deaf and blind. Usher syndrome can’t just be solved with 1 research or breakthrough. #stopUSH



  • What about those zebrafishes?

    Zebrafishes are cool. People with Usher syndrome are cool. This is what you’ve always wanted to know about zebrafishes and people with Usher syndrome.

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Innovations, (medical) aids and therapies for balance, ear and eye

Also researches and studies are conducted in the world that do not specifically offer a solution for people suffering from Usher Syndrome, but that can be of significance in the future. Solutions, therapies and medical aids for other disorders can in a later stage be applied to people suffering from specific types of Usher Syndrome as well. 


‘Balance belt’ for patients with loss of balance
The BalanceBelt has been developed for people with failing organs of balance and is meant for maintaining balance. Our brain combines information coming from various systems in order to reach equilibrium/balance. Apart from information coming from the organs of balance in both ears, this also includes information from the eyes and from the rest of the body (such as the muscles and, more specifically, the muscle spindles). The BalanceBelt strengthens the information coming from …

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