• Big challenges in research on Usher

    The dream of people with Usher syndrome is that researchers will find in time a treatment to stop the process of becoming deaf and blind. Usher syndrome can’t just be solved with 1 research or breakthrough. #stopUSH



  • What about those zebrafishes?

    Zebrafishes are cool. People with Usher syndrome are cool. This is what you’ve always wanted to know about zebrafishes and people with Usher syndrome.

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USH2018: JULY 19-21, 2018 IN MAINZ, GERMANY
A broad alliance of institutions presents the 4th International Scientific Symposium on Usher Syndrome and the International Patient Symposium (10th Annual USH Connections Conference).
The International Symposium on Usher Syndrome will convene at the Atrium Hotel Conference Centre in Mainz, Germany on July 19-20, 2018, bringing together the world’s leading experts from different fields of research (diagnostics, genetics, therapy, structural, molecular and cell biology) to present the latest developments in Usher syndrome. The 2-day research symposium will enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge among scientists, clinicians and geneticists in order to facilitate novel research and insights in therapeutic strategies for Usher syndrome.
The International Patient Symposium (USH Connections Conference) will convene on July 21, 2018, bringing together professionals with those affected by Usher syndrome around the world. Experts will provide summaries of the scientific symposium in layman’s …