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If you slowly become become deaf and blind

Slowly become both deaf and blind. It is hard to imagine. Still, this is reality for people suffering from Usher Syndrome. Usher Syndrome, actually what type of disorder is this? […]

How is Machteld Cossee doing today?

In 2014 ‘The small world of Machteld Cossee’ made by director Hetty Nietsch had its première at the Dutch Film Festival. Six months later it was broadcast on television in […]

Before everything will be dark tomorrow

The sisters Lotte (18) and Roos (16) both suffer from Usher Syndrome. This means that they will soon become both deaf and blind. They do not know how fast this […]

Run in pace, following a pacer

Out of the 35,000 participants of the 7 Hills Run held on 19 November, 144 people run in the Run4Usher team. This team consists of people with a poor eyesight […]

Hear, see and feel

In ‘Hear, see and feel’ we see the Op ‘t Land family from Zevenhoven, the Netherlands. Daughter Jet (13) and son Simon (18) were recently told that they suffer from […]