Source: Usher syndrome Coalition USH Talk By Hannie Kremer Date: 30 – 5 – 2017 In this USH Talk, Dr. Hannie Kremer explains genetic testing of the USH2A gene, as conducted at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands. The type of DNA defects found in this gene is

Source: Radboudumc 22 March 2017 The American Foundation Fighting Blindness has granted two important subsidies to researchers of the Radboudumc for a total amount of five million dollars. With this the researchers can further develop therapies for hereditary diseases of the retina and Usher Syndrome for the next five years.

Source: Usher Syndrome Coalition February 6, 2017 USH Talk by Gwenaëlle Géléoc, PhD In this USH Talk, Dr. Gwen Géléoc shares exciting news on progress made towards gene therapy for Usher syndrome type 1c. Working with a mouse model of a human mutation, Dr. Géléoc and colleagues delivered a normal