Documentary Silence in the night

Would you rather be deaf or blind? Joyce de Ruiter (36) from the Netherlands can’t choose, she eventually will be deaf and blind because of Usher syndrome. Her path to acceptance was accompanied by three burn-outs, but now she uses the diagnosis as her strength, she gives lectures and is a source of inspiration for many.
In the Campusdoc documentary Silence in the night (Dutch: Stilte in de nacht) we follow her path to acceptance and show the viewer how she deals with the fact that she is a source of inspiration for many.

Usher syndrome
Usher syndrome is a rare genetic disorder in which children are born deaf or hard of hearing and experience a progressive loss of sight in addition to night blindness. Sometimes there are also balance problems. In the end, people with Usher syndrome become deaf and blind.

About the makers and Campusdoc
Milou op ten Berg and Lisanne van Spronsen are the makers of this documentary. They are both third-year students at the School of Journalism in Utrecht. Through Lisanne’s mother she heard Joyce’s story and felt that more recognition should come for Joyce, but also for the syndrome.

They decided to sign up together for the Campusdoc, a special minor in which a total of twenty students will make ten documentaries, which (if covid-19 permits) will premiere in the Louis Hartlooper Complex in Utrecht in the week of 18 January. During the film festival, a professional jury will decide who wins the jury prize. After this, the documentary will be screened at other international film festivals.

To make this film a reality the filmmakers need some money. This way we can make the documentary as special as Joyce her story is. Fifteen percent of the entire proceeds they donate to Stichting Ushersyndroom, so that they in turn can have research carried out into a treatment. Their target amount (7,000 euros) has almost been reached, but with even more money they can also have the film premiered (corona proof) and more money will automatically go to Stichting Ushersyndroom. You can make a donation here Cinecrowd/Stilte in de nacht. 


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