Procedure for handling applications for financing at the Stichting Ushersyndroom ( Usher Syndrome Foundation )

An application for (co-)financing of (research) projects is to be submitted to the Board of the Stichting Ushersyndroom which will assess the application following a fixed procedure and, if in line with the strategic objectives and resources of the Foundation, fully or partly allocate the application.
The Medical Advisory Council of the Stichting Ushersyndroom will advise the Board.


An application minimally includes a short and clearly described explanation of:
– The case the application is submitted for,
– The goals to be reached set out on a timeline,
– The costs, financing and required contribution from the Stichting Ushersyndroom,
– The position of the case in (inter)national research,
– The motivation of the applicant.

Applications can be submitted by sending an e-mail to:

Applications will be handled strictly confidentially.


Explanation of the procedure for handling applications for financing at the Stichting Ushersyndroom

Applications will be handled strictly confidentially.

Starting phase:
The applicant submits a well-founded and complete application to the Board. The Board assesses whether the application is in line with the objectives of the Foundation (in conformity with the articles of association), the so-called admissibility test. If the application is complete and admissible, the Board will decide, unanimously in a meeting or outside the meeting, to start a (short) application procedure. All decisions will be laid down in the journal, accompanied by a short motivation. An incomplete or not admissible application will not be taken into consideration and will be returned to the applicant accompanied by a motivation.

Selection phase
with respect to the procedure. The application procedure is divided into two procedures, being a short procedure and a standard procedure. Therefore the choice for the procedure to be followed will be motivated and laid down in the journal again. In case of a short procedure consultation with the Medical Advisory Council is not required. The selection of the procedure to be followed depends on the special circumstances of the application.

Advice phase:
In case of a short procedure this phase is skipped and the assessment phase immediately follows the selection phase. Questions and remarks from the entire Board will be added to the complete application and this will be submitted to the MAR. This council will assess the application from a medical-strategic perspective and give the Board its independent comment and advice, based on all aspects of the application, as mentioned at the beginning of this procedure and any additional information obtained from the applicant and any other relevant sources.

Assessment phase:
The question in this phase is whether the Board has a complete and consistent overview of the case based on the application and the advice received from the MAR and can come to a well-founded decision about allocating the resources or not. If so, the Board will unanimously formulate a decision with respect to this application. If not, the Board can formulate additional questions to the MAR or, if required, talk to the applicant. In the latter case, the procedure will be repeated as from the MAR phase. If the Board has taken a decision, the applicant will receive a motivated decision in writing. Allocation of resources will simultaneously take place with the communication of the allocation decision through the website