Shine Brighter

‘Shine brighter’ is a book about handicap and diversity and it was written with the purpose to bring Usher Syndrome to the attention of people and to collect money for Usher Kids Australia.

In the new children’s book ‘Shine brighter’ written by Julianne Schmid, the two central figures – a star and a moon – function as symbols to teach people something about Usher Syndrome and to inspire the confidence of children who are confronted with loss of hearing and eyesight.

‘Shine brighter’ was inspired by Julianne’s own experience as mother of two young boys suffering from Usher Syndrome and the journey they have made as a family.

Julianne: “Small star represents the light that is reflected in all children. The moon is a reassuring voice for the small star that sees and hears the world in a different way.”