Will you soon celebrate your birthday, wedding or jubilee and don’t you have any idea what presents you would like to receive? Or do you want to make a donation corresponding with your age? Invite family and friends for a party and ask them to make a donation to Stichting Ushersyndroom instead of buying you a present.

You can make a donation box yourself by placing a box, a jar or a vase on a good spot. For this create a nice place with flyers and, for example, an iPad or laptop showing the website. Add a few Usher glasses to make the fun complete. Your partly will surely be a success. People get to know better what Usher Syndrome is and it will cause great hilarity. Give your guests a nice piece of cake to eat while wearing the Usher glasses!


Challenge your friends to experience Usher Syndrome for a day. How long can they carry on?

Make genuine Usher glasses and combine these with earplugs or a headset (without music!). Wear these for a whole day or during a specific activity. For instance, a school day or a party or when going out with friends. Share your experience, mentioning!

Daag je vrienden uit om een dagje te ervaren hoe het is om Ushersyndroom te hebben. Hoelang houden zij het vol?

For safety reasons, please leave the car or the bicycle at home while doing this challenge. Rather travel by public transport or go by foot during this day. If possible, take along a friend who will act as your buddy.

What do you need?

  • Download the cutting paper Usherbril [Usher glasses]. Glue this to heavy paper and cut it out.
  • Find a pair of good earplugs or a well-isolating headset. With this you get quite a good idea of living a life with Usher Syndrome. Of course, there are a lot of degrees and individual differences, but still …
  • Make a nice selfie and share this on social media using #ushersyndroom. Tell us about your experience through  

Recovered from the challenge? Also support us with a donation!



With Split-A-Gift you can share a part of the money you received as a present with Stichting Ushersyndroom. Through Split-A-Gift you can arrange your present yourself in an original way. Thus you will receive the present you really want and the guest at your party make a contribution to the good cause in a simple and nice way. Isn’t that as easy as 123?

How do you register for Split-A-Gift?

  1. Go to 
  2. Split-A-Gift and create an account  
  3. Select Stichting Ushersyndroom as the good cause
  4. Determine which percentage of the money goes to the Usher Syndrome Foundation.
  5. Share the data of your event page with the guests at your party!


Do you want to donate your birthday money to Stichting Ushersyndroom? This will really make us happy!’
This campaign will make sure that people suffering from Usher Syndrome will be put in the limelight and are given a better chance of a higher quality of living!

Transfer your gift to bank account

NL 85 RABO 0362.3905.25
in the name of Stichting Ushersyndroom
mentioning party.