The blind leading the blind


“A hilarious boost for the spirit for everyone in a time of crisis

This is a story about Niek and Joyce.

Niek has a spinal cord lesion and Joyce suffers from Usher Syndrome, which will slowly make her both deaf and blind. Of course, these things are not easy to live with, but these two are coping well. They sure do: they literally draw full houses as inspiring speakers.

Until the coronavirus suddenly puts a stop to these meetings. Niek and Joyce are in sackcloth and ashes. Or rather in a walk-in wardrobe and at the kitchen table. Their work is gone, their health is threatened, all the news is bad news and hugging is no longer allowed. Niek withdraws into himself under his duvet and Joyce turns to chocolate.

However, after a while they are cannot suppress their natural optimism any longer and so they start searching for new ways to make themselves useful and to tell their stories. This goes by trial and error. Niek tries singing for a while (not a good idea) and Joyce tries doing odd jobs (not a good idea either). Still, their search does lead them somewhere eventually and they gain a lot of insights along their ways. It also results in this book: a hilarious boost for the spirit for everyone in a time of crisis.#sterkercoronadoor